Women's Health Hot Line
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National Women's Heart Health Day

Suggested Events

Make flyers and newsletters about women and heart disease using information from this packet on National Women's Heart Health Day. If you need information, see the bottom of this sheet.

Contact your local hospital and arrange for special screening programs for women focusing on heart disease. Arrange for blood pressure and cholesterol checks. Distribute materials about other risk factors, including diabetes, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Sponsor a special cooking demonstration featuring how to create delicious low-fat foods. Contact your local chapter of the American Heart Association or the American Dietetic Association for a speaker. Talk to a local cooking school about sponsoring a special demonstration or low-fat recipe contest.

Arrange a special event, such as a walkathons or a luncheon and fashion show with clothing modeled by heart patients. Donate the proceeds to the American Heart Association.

Cigarette smoking is a major risk factor for women's hearts. Ask your local affiliate of the American Lung Association or American Heart Association for free materials.

Enlist the manager of your local health and fitness club to distribute materials from the American Heart Association about women's heart health.