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The Women's Heart Book

"... gives women a very complete guide for keeping their hearts healthy"

- Dr. Denton Cooley, Surgeon-in-Chief, Texas Heart Institute

"... comprehensive yet passionate, with all the information any woman could ever need. This is a book with a heart."

- Robert Kowalski, author, "The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure"

(above reviews for original edition)

The Women's Heart Book, by Fredric J. Pashkow, M.D. and Charlotte Libov, is published by Hyperion Books and can be ordered from local bookstores, or ordered right from the Internet at 20% off list price! You can also email Charlotte directly and request a copy.

For more information on how co-author Charlotte Libov can bring her inspiring message of health to your next business, organization or hospital meeting, click here.

Charlotte Libov is a popular guest on radio and talk shows. To arrange for her appearance on your show, call 1-203-266-5904.